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James Selig Estate Jewelry and Antiques, LLC is run by James Selig and Sharran Selig Bennett. Their 30+ years in the jewelry and antique businesses give them the experience to know the difference between old and antique, between counterfeit and authentic, between junk and valuables.

This experience means that the shop is always filled with rare, valuable and unique finds that a are as fun to peruse as they are to bring home. Enjoy browsing the shop for treasures!

It's a great way to spend an afternoon, reminiscing over vinyl albumns, the sterling jewelry that looks just like Grandma's, and to bring home some treasures for a great price.

You can trust the Seligs to offer quality and reasonable prices.

Come on down!

If you are interested in rare and unusual treasures, don't miss James Selig Estate Jewelry and Antiques!

Visit with owners Sharran Selig Bennett and Jamie Selig and get a look at the quality jewelry, antiques, and unusual items they have in the store. "We offer really unique items at very reasonable prices," says Bennett.

James Selig's handles everything from the sale of expensive art and antiques to buying gold and silver to renting a dumpster and cleaning out houses.

"Some of the most unique items we've come across have been costume and estate jewelry, rare coins, musical instruments like guitars and banjos, old swords and daggers, other military items, cool old toys, and autographs," says Jamie Selig.

James Selig has a long history in Windsor. Between them, Selig family members have run three different businesses in Windsor including Bill Selig Jewelers, Bill Selig Ford and Central Street Antiques, which is where Jamie learned the antiques trade. He has over 20 years of experience that enables him to quickly appraise items with an expert eye, and Sharran has 35 years of experience in fine jewelry.

They also offer a "Find Out First" email newsletter from which subscribers learn about the newest items that find their way into their shop. "Amazing items come and go from the store quickly, so the email gives people a 'heads up' on new treasures before the general public knows they are available," says co-owner Sharran Selig Bennett.

Sorting, valuation and disposal of items are done every day. To schedule an on-site visit, call 860-798-4105. To read more about James Selig Estate Jewelry and Antiques, go to their website at or visit the store at 161 Broad Street in Windsor, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm.