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Category: Art Glass

Millefiori Glass

Art Glass

The Italian meaning of "millefiori" is a thousand flowers. This type of beautifully patterned glass has been made for centuries. 

This unique process produces distinctive patterns on glass when the glass is blown. Visit an antique shop and look at the vintage lamps. You may see a great example of colorful millefiori glass shades. Another great example of millefiori is in paperweights. They were often made with a distinctive pattern that looks like cut flowers made by cutting rolled glass rods into beads and placed into clear glass forms. Glass beads, too can be made from these glass rods, for jewelry. 

The Murano Glass company in Venice, Italy is famous for its millefiori glass.

Sydenstriker Glass

Art Glass

Bill Sydenstricker started this glass company in the mid 1960’s on Cape Cod. He had experimented with this process while at MIT.

The process starts with a sheet of clear glass, a stencil is placed on it and powdered glass of various colors is sifted over it. Several stencils May be used to complete the pattern. When the design is complete a second sheet of clear glass is placed on top. It is placed in a terra-cotta mold in a kiln at 1500f until it fuses together. It is beautiful glass made in various shapes.