Garage Clean Out

Clean Outs

Whole House Clean Outs

Call us for whole house clean outs. We handle items of all types and sizes including:

* Estate jewelry
* Scrap gold and silver
* Antiques
* Paintings
* Military items
* Toys
* Art glass
* Lamps
* Vehicles
* and much more…

From handling the sale of expensive art and antiques to renting a dumpster and cleaning out the basement and kitchen cabinets, we handle it all.

We Clean Dirty Basements

Enjoy these photos of Jamie, Jack and Brendan doing a dirty clean out recently in Rocky Hill. We do all types of clean outs whether you have expensive antiques or just a lotta junk.

You’d be surprised what we have pulled out of basements!

We Clean Dusty Attics

Our attic cleaning service specializes in thorough and efficient removal of clutter, dust, and debris from your attic space. We use advanced cleaning techniques and proper protective gear to ensure a safe and sanitized environment. Trust us to transform your attic into a clean, organized space, promoting a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Are You Infected?

There is a dangerous infection going around…

Take this little quiz to find out if you’re affected:

  1. Do you have more clothes, books, kitchen utensils, gadgets and furniture than you could ever use?
  2. Are there boxes in your basement that you haven’t opened in years?
  3. Do you have loads of things in your attic from your parents’ house or your spouse’s parents’ house?
  4. Do you have a houseful of ‘collectibles’?

You may have been infected by the clutter bug!

Make an appointment with Dr. Jamie and he’ll rescue you from your stuff. De-cluttering and whole house clean-outs performed quickly and efficiently.

When Jamie’s expert eye gives your house a look, you’ll profit! Email Jamie

Beware the Clutter Bug